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Smart travel planning right down to the minute.

Trabliss engaged Lucid to function as their design department. The tech team based out of San Francisco, collaborated closely with our design team in Bangalore to reimagine travel planning and booking.

Planning a trip can be a complex, hard to manage affair. Starting with the UX strategy, to the brand identity and the visual design of the web app, Lucid created an interface that allowed users to plan a trip from scratch. It enabled users to populate the trip with destinations, experiences, hotels, transport, restaurant bookings, etc. and drag and drop them on a calendar adjusting the number of days or the order in which you visited the destinations.

You could learn about places of interest, activities or restaurants you’d want to visit and drag those onto the calendar to create a minute by minute itinerary. The web app would also give you a running total of the costs which you could book easily category by category.

And once you were on the trip you could use the mobile app to access your trip calendar to get detailed information about your destinations, directions, alerts, as well as build an ongoing geotagged photo/video essay that could be shared with your loved ones later in the relive your trip feature.

Trabliss was acquired by Google in 2015.

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