Yoga Bar

FMCG Foods

Brand Identity

Building a new household name in FMCG foods.

Yogabar approached us several years ago with a delicious snack bar in a generic foil pouch. They planned to go mainstream with a product they knew was good, but they needed the world to see it.

We began by building a brand identity that reflected the fun and flexibility of the name as a hand drawn font that could boldly draw people in. The multigrain energy bar packaging we created had a laundry list of criteria to deliver on: bold brand, fun, approachability, natural ingredients, a sense of eco-consciousness, a mood story, an international feel, a list of claims, etc.

The final design delivered dramatically, allowing Yogabar to quickly enter and scale in organised retail, small grocery stores, airports and online retailers. It combined powerful communication and massive shelf throw to amass a large and loyal following.

Subsequently, we’ve helped Yogabar with the design for a 20g Protein bar line for the active user, a breakfast protein bar line that supplements or replaces a meal, and a line of Muesli products in a variety of flavours. As well as several gift boxes and special edition packs.

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