Product Design

Portable electric scooter to make city commuting easy.

We work on pro-active projects from time to time in order to explore ideas unconstrained. The Switch concept is one such idea.

As a commuter, you are often at the mercy of public transport, and its often poor infrastructure, bad connectivity, long waits and overcrowding. Unlike existing electric scooter solutions, Switch is also truly portable which means it doesn’t have to be left strewn across the sidewalks like scooter share solutions. You can own it, care for it and you’ll never be without wheels. With Switch, we are putting the power back in the commuter’s hands. The power to move briskly as and when you like!

A first-of-its-kind folding mechanism allows the scooter to be folded completely flat onto itself, greatly minimising the footprint of the scooter when not in use. When on the train or bus, the folded Switch can be attached to your backpack letting you keep your hands free. A fingerprint enabled unlock button - located conveniently below the handlebar - unfolds Switch in one clean motion. And just like that you are on the move.

We get that life is unexpected and should not have to be planned around battery charge cycles. Switch uses a high capacity, easily swappable battery that can be exchanged for a fully charged one at any Switch Station around the city.

An app connected navigation screen guides you to your destination while providing you with useful information like your arrival time. The accelerator and brake pedals have been simplified and integrated into the handlebar. Simply squeeze a pedal to start or stop. The brake pedal has been elongated, ensuring you don’t miss it even in high stress situations.

See how far you can go with Switch, the provider of freedom for the urban commuter.

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