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Leapfrogging a HR Talent Acquisitions company into a multinational HR Tech Platform.

The future of human capital would forever change in 2020. From hybrid work models, to managing employee lifecycles, to remote collaboration, HR tech needed to evolve and PeopleStrong was poised to deliver this new capability by way of an HR tech platform to large enterprises. Except it looked and felt very much like the old PeopleStrong known only for Talent Acquisition. A fresh new image was badly needed.

Lucid approached the brand identity with a vision - to harmonise the various moving parts in an organisation functioning separately in this new world of work.


The logo icon represents the ultimate realisation of joy, energy, and meaning which is delivered through PeopleStrong’s robust tech platform and signifies the coming together of people & technology to form a single cohesive unit which drives them towards momentum.


In order to communicate this fresh new identity, Lucid embarked on an overarching design intervention to re-envision everything from PeopleStrong’s business cards, to its ebooks, to the brand’s iconography, to its brochures and guides. Meticulously documented in a comprehensive guidelines document featuring all the dos and don’ts of how to use the brand in any medium from presentations, to video, print, web to social.


The most significant contribution was in the redesign of the website to a fresh, modern reflection of the brand’s new values and offerings. Designed to be minimal, approachable and very people centric, the new website catapults the perception of the company into a leading global force in HR Technology with a clear global presence.


or the launch of the new brand, Lucid developed an “our brand” page. Being the large multinational corporation that PoepleStrong is, this page served the function of not just telling the outside world who PeopleStrong is, but also telling the people at PeopleStrong! Having people come together and create forward momentum not just for their 500+ large enterprise clients, but for themselves as well!

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