Product Design

Shipping and traveling with a bike in a bag.

We work on pro-active projects from time to time in order to explore ideas unconstrained. The Kit Bike concept is one such idea, and subsequently went on to be a Red Dot design award winner.

Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them.

What if there was a bike that was so small, it fit into a bag that you could carry as a backpack? What if when you assembled the bike, you got a full-size bike that was comfortable to ride? What if the bike could be simple, minimal and cool, unlike folding bikes that tend to be complex in their engineering and construction?

The Kit Bike was designed to do all these things and make problems of shipping and traveling with a bike, a thing of the past.

Imagine the possibilities.

The Kit Bike consists of simple twist joints that lock with aluminium hollow tubes using a specially designed key. The entire bike can be assembled or dismantled from one side making the process extremely simple and quick.

When not in use, the bike can be stowed in a stylish leather bag that is divided into 3 sections to store the 2 wheels on either side and the components in between. It can be carried as a backpack.

Kit Bike - It’s a bike in a bag.

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