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Stunningly beautiful journeys brought to life.

Enchanting Travels is a global leader in tailor-made private tours. With a 10+ year working relationship with us, in which we’ve designed their brand identity, websites, marketing materials, everything right up to the welcome kit that their guests receive at the start of their trips.

The Enchanting Travel Magazine entitled “Be Enchanted”, has been in print since 2010 in both German and English and is distributed across the US, Europe and Australia. Created with the intention of reaching existing customers as well as potential new customers, it brings together exciting content created by their travel professionals, trip planners, guests and partners from destinations across the world.

The challenge that we face with each edition is to raise the quality and experience of the magazine, making it even more exciting for guests while maintaining the consistency of the brand. The magazine, while used primarily for generating bookings, doesn’t come across as a sales tool, rather an immersive travel magazine that inspires guests to start planning a trip. The design is also consciously honest and transparent to mirror the company’s values.

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